Earn 30% monthly “residual” income/commissions!

30-percentWith our shopping cart affiliate program, you earn 30% monthly residual commission selling our shopping cart and eMail marketing software tools. No matter which package your referral picks; you will earn 30% residual commissions when they sign up and use our services, and for as long as they keep their account in paid status. For example:


Autoresponder $34 per Month $10.20 per MONTH per Customer
Starter Shopping Cart $39 per Month $11.70 per MONTH per Customer
Basic Cart + eMail $69 per Month $20.70 per MONTH per Customer
Professional Cart + eMail $129 per Month $38.70 per MONTH per Customer

So, the question is, how much money do you want to start making on a recurring monthly basis? How many referrals are you motivated to get? Our goal for you? To refer 50-100 paying customers over the next 2 years. Just calculate your potential earnings with a combination of the above commission rates, get motivated, then get to work!

Work once, get paid again and again!

This is our favorite part for you! Have you ever heard the expression, “Work once, get paid again and again?” Well, that’s essentially what “residual” income means.

residual = a royalty paid to a sales person, artist, etc., on a repeat basis …

The affiliate program for will continue to pay you commissions, month after month, for the life of every customer you refer to me who remains a paying customer. This means it is possible to still be earning commissions for referrals you made months, even years, ago! That’s the power of residual income.

Monthly Payouts via Check or! check2

You may choose to get paid your commissions via check, which we will mail out to you around the middle of each month, for the previous month’s accumulated earnings. If you elect to be paid your commissions via check, be sure we have your current mailing address.

paypal-logo (1)You may also choose to get paid via Of course, you will need to have a account in order to get paid electronically via PayPal.

The benefits to getting paid via PayPal is that you get instant access to your commissions when we pay you. Plus, if you have a PayPal debit card associated with your PayPal account, you can start spending your commissions immediately online or offline at any business that accepts MasterCard.

Monitor Your Success / Check Your Earnings!

As an affiliate for, you can log into your account at any time to review a variety of different sales and commission earnings reports, showing how much money you’ve earned, what’s pending and what’s going to be sent to you!


  • (A) Reminder that you earn 30% residual commission for each paying-referral …
  • (B) Here’s where you can search to find how much money you are owed …
  • (C) If this were a new cycle, you might see an amount calculated here …
  • (D) Here, you can see how much in commissions are approved to send you …
  • (E) This amount is what is being sent to you in a check or via PayPal …
  • (F) This amount shows what you have earned to date as an affiliate …

INCOME DISCLAIMER: The numbers shown in the above illustration are examples only to show you what this area looks like when you want to check your earnings inside your affiliate account. Your personal income generated by making referrals for is 100% up to your own personal efforts.

50,000,000 Prospects!

people-06You read that right! There are over 50,000,000 potential people who need our shopping cart and Internet marketing tools.

All over the world, people are starting their own businesses and taking control of their financial future.

With the world’s econoour growing globally, that means people from all over the world are wanting to sell their knowledge, a product or service to others for a living!

What do these people need? They need a shopping cart, eMail marketing tools, affiliate tracking software, ad trackers, website split-testers and everything else has to offer to help ensure their success online.

What’s your income potential as an MMC affiliate?

How many people do you need to refer to start making some serious residual income? Simply 10 referrals, and you could be making upwards of $87 to $297 a month in residual income.

Who couldn’t use extra money like that every month? That sounds like a bill or two, maybe three could be paid with these monthly “RESIDUAL INCOME” payments to you. Seriously though, what if you made 100 referrals to over the course of 2-5 years. You could be receiving anywhere between $870 and $2,970 in monthly residual income.

Five years ago, if you had taken this advice and did what is described above, and you were earning an extra $2,000 (or more) a month in residual income, can you imagine how helpful that kind of money would be to you today? Do you have bills, kids in (going to) college, or a rent/mortgage to pay for every month? When was the last time you saved up for a new car or exotic vacation? we think you get the idea. Act now, and start earning residual income!

Sign-up to become an affiliate for today! The question to you is “what were you doing 2, 3, 5 or 10 years ago so that today you could be benefiting from residual income every month?” we bet the answer to that question is a big fat NOTHING!

What if you had become an affiliate for five years ago? How much money could you be making in residual income today? Just remember our work motto, “work once, get paid over and over again!” That’s how we want you to start making money, because has the residual income payment plan to help you.



ATTENTION: If you are a CURRENT or PAST MMC merchant (with a paid package) then you are already an affiliate and DO NOT need to sign up on this page. Instead, log into your account to find your affiliate link and affiliate banners (inside your account) to promote MMC right now!

Welcome to our shopping cart / eMail marketing tool Affiliate Program that pays 30% residual income for the life of those customers you refer to us! is a shopping cart software + eMail Marketing tools software program with an affiliate program that pays you 30% residual monthly income for selling shopping carts and other Internet marketing tools like autoresponders, affiliate tracking software, ad trackers, website split-testers, eMail broadcasting tools, eZine delivery tools and more. With our shopping cart affiliate program, you can essentially work once (i.e., make a sale), and get paid over and over again for the life of that customer so long as they keep their service subscription in paid status.

What should you look for in a shopping cart and eMail marketing affiliate program earning opportunity?

There are a lot of shopping cart and eMail marketing systems on the market today with their own affiliate program to join. If you look closely at how much they pay you, it might make you cry. On average, most shopping cart companies will only pay you 10-20% commission for any referral you send them who signs up for their service. If you ask me, that’s not very much.
What’s more, other shopping cart companies might pay you a fixed amount, or they might end your commission payments once you reach a certain dollar limit, such as $500, $1,000 or $2,500. Any sales thereafter that were generated from your affiliate link are LOST! Bye-bye income! Not fair!
So, what should you look for in a shopping cart eMail marketing affiliate program? The opportunity to earn a minimum of 30% and to be paid on a residual (on-going) basis, and nothing less.

How does it work exactly?

When you sign up to become an affiliate, you will be supplied with a variety of affiliate banner ads, videos tutorials, text ads, and other marketing materials to ensure your success! Place any one of these affiliate banners or text links on your website, blog, inside eMails, etc. to help promote your affiliate link.
When a customer clicks on one of your affiliate banners/links, they are taken to, where their potential purchase will be tracked and credited to you as the affiliate who referred them.
When that customer purchases any one of our shopping cart and/or autoresponder packages, you will earn a commission based on their purchase! In advance, congratulations on that sale!

If I refer someone to MMC, will I be paid for as long as they remain a customer?

Yes, we pay affiliate commissions for every month which your customers remained an active paying customer of

If I refer someone to MMC, will I be paid for as long as they remain a customer?

We pay affiliate payments the following month after each 4-week billing cycle. So, if you made a sale this month, you would be paid next month either by check or PayPal. Your choice. Do note, PayPal payments usually go out sooner than checks, if that makes a difference in determining when you get paid.

If I am a current customer of MMC, am I automatically an affiliate, or do I have to sign up separately?

IF you are a current customer of MMC and you have an Autoresponder, Starter, Basic or Professional package you are automatically an affiliate, and do not need to sign up separately to become an affiliate for
Check out our Affiliate Marketing Tools page to learn where your affiliate link is located inside your account.

Who is this affiliate program perfect for?

Internet Marketers can recommend MMC to their clients to sell information products online using our shopping cart and eMail marketing tools.
Business Owners who have customers coming to their website who also might want to start selling something online. Refer them to MMC with your affiliate link and make money!
Bloggers who wish to recommend a shopping cart and eMail marketing system to their readers.
Website Designers/Companies who have clients asking them, “I need a shopping cart to sell our products and/or services from our website, who do you recommend?”
Online Business Managers and Virtual Assistants who also have clients asking them, “Who do you recommend for a shopping cart with eMail marketing tools?”
Coaches & Consultants who discover their clients want to sell something online and need a shopping cart and eMail marketing tools.
Social Media Experts who come in contact with clients who also need shopping cart and eMail marketing tools to sell online.

Are you ready to start earning extra monthly residual income from the referrals you send our way?