The Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package


What DOES the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing package include when you choose this package?

When you sign up for the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package, you get all of these very powerful  eMail marketing tools:

Opt-In Box Creation Software … to help you create any number of opt-in boxes for your website, which would allow prospects visiting your website to join your list.

List Management Software (i.e., online database / contact management software), which helps you keep track of all the people who opt-in to your list.

Autoresponders to send out specific pre-written eMail message(s) to your list automatically via eMail without you having to lift a finger; building trust, rapport and confidence in you as the expert your are!

eMail Broadcasting Software gives you the power to send out your message(s) via eMail to your list of prospects, clients and affiliates 24/7 without being perceived as a spammer.

eMail Templates come built into your eMail broadcasting account, helping you send out professionally designed eMails every time you communicate with your subscriber list.

eZine Distribution Software helps you send out your eZine in a timely manner so your subscribers get to read what you have to say about topics they’re interested in learning more about.

Product Autoresponders, that can send out specific information related to a certain product someone buys at your website.

Ad Tracking, including split-testing tools, which help you track both click-through sales and test different web page sales copy.

Event Autoresponders that can send out specific information related to events people register for (either for free or a paid event) using, such as time, date, location, call-in telephone numbers, PIN#’s, and more.

Affiliate Autoresponders that can send out specific information as it relates to an affiliate program, which you can create using

What is the Autoresponder Package?
How much does this package cost?


WHO is the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing package ultimately designed for?

For those who are not ready to selling online from their website/blog, you can easily start building a list and eMail that list from time to time with the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package. Specifically, the Autoresponder Package is perfect for:

ONLINE BUSINESS OWNERS can also benefit from building a list of prospects, in which they too can communicate with online, using the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package.

OFFLINE BUSINESS OWNERS can certainly benefit from the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package by growing a list of customers whom they can communicate with online. Every business who wants to increase sales offline, needs to STAY IN TOUCH with their customer base ONLINE. For example, simply pass out small business cards that asks your customers to:


When customers turn these cards in at the front counter of your business, simply enter their contact information into your online database! Then, from time to time, eMail your eZine/Newsletter to them, coupon discounts, and/or special announcements as they relate to your store/business. As your list grows, so does your income potential with that list. Never be out of sight, out of mind again! Restaurants, bars, club, hair salons, nail salons, spas, auto mechanic shops, retail outlet stores, personal service businesses and other offline businesses that want to stay in touch with their customers online can with the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package.

BLOGGERS build credibility whenever they post something new to their blog. But, what happens when you want to eMail those who visit your blog? Don’t wait for people to visit your website again. Send your message directly to their eMail inbox! You can with the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package.

SPEAKERS who want to grow a list of people they can eMail to and keep up-to-date with all their speaking engagements can benefit from using the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package. Grow your list of subscribers and eMail them excerpts from previous speaking gigs, announcements on upcoming speaking gigs, etc.

AUTHORS who have a website and sell their book primarily through other distribution channels, like,, etc., can also benefit from using the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package.

Especially if you’re not using a shopping cart at your website yet, you still need to grow a list of fans, subscribers and prospects to buy whatever it is you do sell (i.e., coaching, consulting, etc.). You can with the Autoresponder Package.

CONSULTANTS looking for more clients (or to maintain their current list of clients), need to send out eMails periodically discussing topics within their field of expertise. Doing so, with the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package, will help you stay in front of your clients and those you will do business with one day.

PERSONAL/BUSINESS COACHES who don’t have a book yet or other products to sell from their website, still need to start building a list. One day, you will have a book to sell. If you have a list, you can eMail them about your new book; ultimately generating sales overnight! The Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package is also great for sending out your eZine/Newsletter.

WEBSITE / BLOG OWNERS who maintain their own website or blog, but aren’t ready to sell anything online yet, but want to get started building a list of prospects, subscribers and fans. They should start out with the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package.


Among these people and others, the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package is best for those who want to build a huge list of prospects with whom they will ultimately sell something to!

How Do You MAKE MONEY ONLINE With The Autoresponder + eMail Marketing package?

Great question! How can the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package package help you grow a list of prospects/customers and make you money online?

First and foremost, the Autoresponder package helps you grow a list of prospects (and customers) by providing you the ability to subscribe visitors to your website to an unlimited amount of autoresponders.

The Autoresponder package allows you to create an unlimited number of opt-in forms for as many websites and/or name squeeze page you need opt-in forms for.

The Autoresponder package allows you to capture the names and eMail addresses of visitors to your website, and then eMail those folks with a variety of special eMail offers.

If you had a list of 10,000 people, even 1,000 people, you would see a difference in your income because these people have come to trust you and want to hear from you and from time to time, the specials you have to offer on your products/services.

They say making money online is contingent on how big your list is. In part, it’s very true. No list equals having to start from scratch each month selling to new people.

The Autoresponder package allows you to deliver an eZine or online newsletter to multiple lists of subscribers.


Among these people and others, the Autoresponder + eMail Marketing Package is best for those who want to build a huge list of prospects with whom they will ultimately sell something to!