The Basic Cart + Email Marketing Package



When you sign up for the Starter Package, you get all of the following:


Shopping Cart to help you collect orders from your website. Without a shopping cart, you cannot process orders in a safe and efficient manner.The Starter Package can help you do just this.

Sell Multiple Products allowing you to boost your income selling more than one product from your website.

Sell Coaching & Consulting Services allowing you to collect credit card payments online from your clients who pay you for your services.

Sell Seminars & Tele-Seminars, which allows you to profit from selling ticket registrations to your various training events.

Sell Webinars & eClasses, which allows you to profit from selling classes you might teach online.

Payment Processing, which allows you to process credit card payments from your website.

Block Bogus Orders, which is vital if you ever fall victim to bogus or fraudulent orders through your website.

Create $-/%- Off Discount Coupons, which helps increase sales from time to time when you can offer customers a discount if they purchase your products/services between x-date and y-date. “Use coupon code ‘earlybird’ and get 50% off!”

Create “Pay Me” Links, which you can send to your clients so you get paid conveniently from them via credit card.

Order Discounts, which encourage customers to buy more from you whenever they purchase a certain dollar amount. “Get 10% off when you buy $100 or more!”

Bundle Product Offers, which allows you sell “bundles” of you products as a “single” product. Remember, customers love to buy in “bulk” or “bundles” that offer “more value” when compared to buying products individually.

Collect S&H & Taxes, which is a must if you sell physical products from your website.

Ad Tracking, including split-testing tools, which help you track both click-through sales and test different web page sales copy.

What is the BASIC CART + EMAIL MARKETING package?

How much does it cost?



eMail Broadcasting Software gives you the power to send out your message(s) via eMail to your list of prospects, clients and affiliates 24/7 without being perceived as a spammer.

Opt-In Box Creation Software to help you create any number of opt-in boxes for your website, which would allow prospects visiting your website to join your list.

Autoresponders to send out specific pre-written eMail message(s) to your list automatically via eMail without you having to lift a finger; building trust, rapport and confidence in you as the expert your are!

Free eMail Templates come built into your eMail broadcasting account, helping you send out professionally designed eMails every time you communicate with your subscriber list.

List Building Software (i.e., online database / contact management software), which helps you keep track of all the people who opt-in to your list.

eZine / Online Newsletter Distribution Software helps you send out your eZine in a timely manner so your subscribers get to read what you have to say about topics they’re interested in learning more about.



Specifically, the Basic Cart + eMail Marketing Package is for anyone who wants to:

Sell physical products and services from their website, collect credit card payments online, charge customers shipping and handle, collect sales tax at the point of sale online, and that’s it.

The Basic Cart + eMail Marketing Package does NOT come with eBook / digital product delivery, recurring billing or affiliate tracking. Some merchants don’t need those features to sell what it is they’re selling from their website. If you do, then the Professional Package is more for you.

But, if this page describes you, then the Basic Cart + eMail Marketing Package might just be right for you! Remember, you can always upgrade to a higher package when you think you more need services.



The Basic Cart + eMail Marketing Package is designed to help you make money in these ways and more:

First of all, in order to make money online, you do need two major components: (1) Autoresponders + eMail marketing tools to help build a list of prospects to sell to, and (2) a shopping cart!

The Basic Shopping Cart + eMail Marketing Tools package has exactly that.

The money is in your list. With the built-in eMailing tools, you can start building a list and eMail them special offers, announcements, your eZine/newsletter or a series of eMails containing tips and lessons via autoresponders. As your list grows, start selling to your subscribers/prospects.

With a shopping cart, you can turn those subscribing prospects into customers! Cha-ching! Keep building your list. Keep selling to them. Keep increasing your income selling online. Pretty simple math, in my book.

But, if this page describes you, then the Basic Cart + eMail Marketing Package might just be right for you! Remember, you can always upgrade to a higher package when you think you need more services, such as eBook/digital delivery, affiliate tracking and recurring billing.