The following questions are designed to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions most people ask when they are considering whether or not MyMarketingCart is for them.


What exactly is
What can you do with Internet Marketing Cart?
Who needs MyMarketingCart?
What makes MyMarketingCart different from other carts?
Can I add MMC to our existing website, and is it easy to do?
I am a newbie, how will I know how to get set up?
Is there a FREE trial of MyMarketingCart?
What are the available packages and pricing?
How do I sign up?
Is there a setup fee?
Is MyMarketingCart easy to use?
How long does it take to setup and start selling/marketing?
What if I need a different plan at a later date?
Do you have any tutorials, videos or training available?
Do I need my own domain?
Do you provide me with a website?
Can you build me a website?
Can I use my MMC account on multiple websites?
Can you help me set up my MyMarketingCart account?


What payment gateways do you support?
Do I need to know HTML to create my store?
Can I import products from another cart into MyMarketingCart?
Are you PCI certified?


Can I import my existing client database?
Do you have FREE eMail templates which I can use?
How many autoresponders can I set up?
Is it easy to set up an autoresponder series?
Is it easy to create an opt-in box? Do I need to know HTML?
Do you have video tutorials on creating autoresponders and opt-in forms?
Can you help set up my autoresponders and an opt-in box on my website?


Can I create multiple affiliate programs for different websites?
Can I upload banners and text ads for those different affiliate programs?
Can you help me setup my affiliate program for my website?